BioRemove 4270

BioRemove 4270 is a dry blend of beneficial microorganisms for application in anaerobic digesters with significant fat, oil, and grease (FOG) buildup. BioRemove 4270 metabolize FOG into smaller volatile acids and carbon dioxide. BioRemove 4270 can help prevent grease buildup and improve digester efficiency.


The buildup of FOG in anaerobic digesters can severely impact the efficiency of solids destruction and methane generation. Due to its insolubility, FOG will often accumulate in the digester, creating a greasy scum layer. This scum layer can eventually harden and prevent adequate mixing and gas transfer. This can result in large clumps of grease and foam returning in the supernatant,and the loss of gas-bound solids.

The addition of BioRemove 4270 to anaerobic digesters helps improve digester performance by degrading FOG and its fatty acids, thereby reducing scum and foam and increasing the capacity in the digesters. BioRemove 4270 also simplifies operations by reducing downtime for FOG removal and cleaning.

Benefits of BioRemove 4270

  • Reduces FOG removal maintenance costs
  • Improves FOG removal
  • Improves efficiency
  • Minimizes odors due to FOG

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