Wet Well Wizard

The Wet Well Wizard aeration system is the newest technology to dissolve FOG, eliminate odor and septicity of hydrogen sulfide in the wet well.  By starting mixing in the collection system you begin to pre-process the water and create an aerobic environment to improve the wastewater plant operation.

The injection of a continuous flow of cleaved bubbles into the wet well water breaks up and liquefies FOG.  The added air turns it into an aerobic environment allowing your bacteria to start treating the wastewater.

Advantages of the Wet Well Wizard

The water entering the wastewater plant will be clear, odor free and highly oxygenated with an abundance of pre-digestion–all of which will improve the operations of the plant itself by providing odor free water into the headworks, thus reducing the odor in clarifiers and open tanks.

Supplied Standard for a Single Wizard Installation (for < 80 sqft wet wells)

1 Wizard complete with stainless steel stand, base and hardware

35 feet of reinforced PVC/polyurethane air hose with connection hardware

1.5 HP regenerative blower

Additional options available including

HDPE non-corrosive blower cover

Locking fiberlass full cover for noise reduction and/or long term freezing


Sound like a good application for your pump station?  Contact your Maryland Biochemical representative to answer a few questions and find out if it is a good fit.  Click here to contact us.